Tasty Table Services

for more information,pricing, & consulting please email tastytable16@gmail.com

Tasty Table Food Services

  1. Meal Planning (Client would get a new meal plan every week (price would vary) or every month (price would vary) 
  2. Family meal planning (family of 4, 6 or more) 
  3. Menu execution 
  4. Menu execution for special occasions ( having a party and don't know where to start when it comes to looking for a caterer, let me be that liaison to help you put together your menu for that specific occasion)
  5. First consultation will include food budget, wishlist, and preferred shopping. We will offer custom grocery lists.

The Food Lab

  1. Tasting Parties
  2. Home cooking classes
    1. Entry fee for each person (entry fee must be paid in advance)
    2. Host would pay a "Hosting Fee"
    3. Host & My Tasty Table consultant would work together in creating a menu or theme
    4. Each guest will receive a custom menu card, recipe card, & grocery list.