3 ways to keep yourself organized in your kitchen.


Happy Tuesday Guys! Hope your week has started off great. Since having a baby I have been trying to stay organized and keep things tidy in my kitchen. I love being able to have all my yummy things ready and easy to grab. I believe it will enhance your cooking experience.  Here are 3 ways to keep yourself organized in your kitchen. 

1. S P I C E S - When your cooking you want to make sure that everything is within reach. So having your favorite spices organized and easy to access can make your cooking experience super easy and enjoyable. Its also good to have the spices you love and use all the time in the front! 

2. D I S H E S - Having your serving dishes at arms reach can be great so you can plate your meal. Its all in how you organize your dishes in your cabinets.Make sure your heaviest cookware is on the bottom and not so heavy cookware on the top. You dont want to have your heavy cookware too far from you. 

3. C O N T A I N E R S - Since I have a small kitchen, I have to find a way to keep my dry goods stored. As you can see in the picture above i used small 8 ounce mason jars. Not only is it cute looking but it also helps me see exactly what I have. Having the jars also helps me avoid going through my cabinets looking for bags of dried goods. If you have a small kitchen or small cabinets this is definitely something you can do.
















Felizia Medina