Let the countdown begin!

Guys I cant believe that our little baby boy is finally almost here. In exactly 54 days Martin Josue Espinoza will enter this world. My family and I just got back from vacation a few days days ago. It was a great last hoorah before the baby comes. We went back to our favorite spot in seagrove, Florida and had some fun in the sun (if you want to hear all about our week there my sis blogged daily .. click here) 

Our baby shower is also this week and we cant wait to celebrate with our family and friends. Here are just a few thoughts about being pregnant. ENJOY! 

1. I really love being pregnant - Not everyday is the same. There is always something to look forward to. Sometimes your tired more days than other and the other days you have tons of energy. Take advantage of the days you have energy and go do something fun...I love walking around the mall with my sisters and mom. 

2. Its so important to be present in everything you experience while pregnant-  I have loved being able to feel every kick, hiccup, cartwheel, and roll over. One thing I do love is watching my belly bump grow week after week and now that im in my third trimester my belly bump is growing faster. 

3. Be comfortable- I buckled down and bought maternity clothes. I literally thought that i would be able to wear most of my regular clothes but yeah i started noticing that my i was stretching my good clothes. Honestly maternity clothes are so comfy and of course cater to the shape of your belly which makes it even more comfortable. Also get some good comfy shoes that you know you can walk in. I ended up purchasing the Michael Kors Billie Leather Sneaker. Im telling you they are so comfy!! Here is the link to the sneakers (Click Here). 

Hope your having a good week! 




Felizia Medina