Well Hey There!

So its been a while since I have updated this page but I wanted to share a few words and give a little update. As you know I have a beautiful little boy and me and hubby named him Martin Josue Espinoza II. He is currently 4 months and he has such a big personality already. Life has been so busy learning the new ways of momma hood. I want to thank my mom for literally being the best Nana/ best friend/ mom/first lady/everything. 

To my husband who has been the best ever! There are not enough words describe how much I love him. He has been such an incredible daddy, changing diapers, cleaning up spit up and everything else. I love you baby!

With life being so busy as a new mom you feel like getting back to yourself is going to take forever and in the midst of that, you don't know how to accept where you are because its a new way of living. Your life is now at a new level because your a new mommy. Well guys that's what I was feeling. I was feeling like I was searching for myself knowing that all i have to do is accept the changes that have happened in my life. Just within the past 4 months my mind set has changed (im no longer thinking about me but about my little one), my body has changed (am i right ladies) and my life has changed (its alot busier). Thank God for prayer and an amazing husband who makes sure that i know im beautiful and builds up my confidence and for a mom and sisters who help me remember that all of this crazy change is worth it! Its true all of this is worth it.. its worth going through all these changes because in the end my little son will grow up to be an amazing man of God. 

2 Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 

Let the countdown begin!

Guys I cant believe that our little baby boy is finally almost here. In exactly 54 days Martin Josue Espinoza will enter this world. My family and I just got back from vacation a few days days ago. It was a great last hoorah before the baby comes. We went back to our favorite spot in seagrove, Florida and had some fun in the sun (if you want to hear all about our week there my sis blogged daily .. click here) 

Our baby shower is also this week and we cant wait to celebrate with our family and friends. Here are just a few thoughts about being pregnant. ENJOY! 

1. I really love being pregnant - Not everyday is the same. There is always something to look forward to. Sometimes your tired more days than other and the other days you have tons of energy. Take advantage of the days you have energy and go do something fun...I love walking around the mall with my sisters and mom. 

2. Its so important to be present in everything you experience while pregnant-  I have loved being able to feel every kick, hiccup, cartwheel, and roll over. One thing I do love is watching my belly bump grow week after week and now that im in my third trimester my belly bump is growing faster. 

3. Be comfortable- I buckled down and bought maternity clothes. I literally thought that i would be able to wear most of my regular clothes but yeah i started noticing that my i was stretching my good clothes. Honestly maternity clothes are so comfy and of course cater to the shape of your belly which makes it even more comfortable. Also get some good comfy shoes that you know you can walk in. I ended up purchasing the Michael Kors Billie Leather Sneaker. Im telling you they are so comfy!! Here is the link to the sneakers (Click Here). 

Hope your having a good week! 




Hello 5 Months, Hello Baby Boy!

Hello! Hello! It has been a while since I have posted on my blog but I wanted to get on here and start a little space for my pregnancy thoughts etc. I am really excited to share this part of myself with my readers.

So, for those of you that know or don't know I am currently in my second trimester of my pregnancy. I am 5 months pregnant and expecting a beautiful baby boy. Me and my husband literally prayed for our little miracle to be a boy and because God is so good he gave us exactly what we wanted. Seriously God is so faithful!

When I first found out I was pregnant I almost couldn't believe it. At that time the baby wasn't moving but there were other things I was feeling. Morning sickness/Nausea is no joke, the lack of energy is no joke either. The things you read about not getting your energy back until your second trimester is true. When I tell you that I slept ALL THE TIME im not fibbing (LOL). I mean my body is making accommodations for a whole human being...it puts me in awe just thinking about it.

Now that im currently in my second trimester, im feeling my energy more and more. However, there are times that I cant eat certain things. For an example,  im sorry Chick- fil-a but the nuggets aren't working for me lol so I only eat the fries or maybe the soup. There are other times when ill go to the grocery store and not even want to eat anything I bought so I go for the cereal(HEHE)... Are there any other moms that have gone thru that?

As far as weight gain, thank you to my sis for putting me on her lifestyle change and I was able to go cold turkey and not eat any bread, pasta, and sugar. That completely made a difference and I have only gained 5 pounds since I have been pregnant. Im currently on prenatal pills and iron pills because im anemic. Hey!!! its all for my little son whom I already love unconditionally.

I want to thank my amazing husband Josh for literally taking care of me and loving me with all his heart. I want to thank my wonderful family for being there for me and Josh and your little Grandson and nephew! Idon't know what I would do without you guys  in my life. I want to Thank God for our little baby boy who we will be meeting August 13th!!

Much Love,

Felizia Espinoza